Why are you changing your prices?

Dear member. Times are tough right now. It's not just us who are noticing it, the price is increased for food, rent, electricity and much more. This also affects us. Due to increased overhead costs, we will raise your monthly price by SEK 10.

From February 1, 2024, your new membership price will be SEK 289/month (SEK 259/month for students and pensioners upon presentation of a valid student ID and ID card).
*Applies to existing members who signed up for a membership before 2023-12-27.

  • We also want to inform you that our membership terms and conditions have been updated from 27 December 2022. The following updates are good for you to know:
  • The notice period for your membership is changed to 2 months and the remaining days of the current month from the date of the notice. If you pay your membership monthly, the payment will in the future be drawn from the 25th of each month (if the 25th falls on a red or weekend day, the money will be drawn the following weekday)

You can view the new terms and conditions here.

We are very grateful to all our members and to you who stay with us as a member. Without our members, no Fitness24Seven.
F24S Customer Service (Uppdaterad )
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